Remote Material Nodes

Hello. I’ve been working on some complex material shaders in UE4, and my cross-referencing is getting a tad bit out of hand. You can see how messy the spaghetti code is becoming. This is a rather extreme case, but still!


I was wondering if it’s possible to set up a remote, or “wireless” node that allows me to send the result from groups of nodes out to a single small node that can be duplicated and connect at other ends of the material. Kismet from UDK had a similar function called “Remote Events.” I think this could be very useful for writing more complex shaders that need to cross-reference a lot of results very frequently.

You could use material functions to reduce the nodes in your main material -> Creating Material Functions | Unreal Engine Documentation :slight_smile:

Yes, but in my case I need to cross-reference a ton of values from within the material itself. If I have to split up everything into a variety of material functions, then it will make my work even messier, not easier. A remote node to transfer results from within the main shader without having to split up code to other functions would be far more effective. I’m already using material functions, but what I need is to cross reference from the main material blends, not from functions.