Remote iOS build failing (4.11.P5)

We’ve got our project setup to remotely build/package iOS. This was working fine in 4.10.2, but we needed to move to one of the 4.11 preview builds. Now the remote build is failing. Originally I thought this might be because the engine version on the mac and the one locally on PC weren’t the same. But I’ve now cleared both off and downloaded the latest preview (4.11.P5) and rebuilt everything from scratch, and I’m still seeing issues.

I’ve attached the output log. Any ideas?

iOS Remote Build Errors

OK, never mind :slight_smile:

I took a punt that something on the Mac side might be out of date and after updating the OS and Xcode to the latest versions, everything’s working fine again. I guess the Xcode version requirement in 4.11 has changed.