Remote Facility UE4 Scene

Hey, I just finished this unreal scene.
Basically this was an art test for Foundry 42.
Here is the result:

see the whole project on artstation


Looks nice. How long did it take to do that for you?

thank you!
all hours combined it was 80h scattered over the time of ~4 weeks however i then spend an xtra week of work on sequencing video editing, recording and encoding to make this presentation video

Nice work Sascha! :slight_smile:

thank you, vertex soup! :smiley:

That is really great to me, assets and lighting. You did a killer work for the camera choices and the sequencing with the music is just perfect, bravo ! :wink:

thank you so much macoll, i really appreciate!
sequencer having the f stop and lens emulation makes it really easy to go all cinematic

1 word… BRAVO !! :smiley:

thank you so much @Stevelois!

Good stuff!