Remote Events? How Do they work.

Remote Events? How Do they work. No matter where i google or search i cant find any documentation on remote events and how to bind this actor to an event in another level. I dont need to be able to save variables but just really send inpulses across levels to activate Level Blueprint code based on cutscenes since my game heavily uses level streaming for optimization reasons. How do i link this to a node in another sub level? a6af3ebbaeb5ffe0434f3ee179bb664814e69b22.png

As xeoncat pointed out in another thread, you actually don’t need to bind remote events at all. In the instance above, you’ve created a remote event named “Bob” - just put a Custom Event in another loaded level with that name, and it will be called.

The RemoteEvent call will return true if it finds one or more loaded level scripts that contain custom events with no arguments whose names match your EventName.

Actually for this, other levels must be added in persistent level like this.