Remote Desktop

Has anyone tried running unreal engine 4 developer through remote desktop either on a local network or through internet? Any feedback on performance? I am thinking of trying this using a surface pro2 and a new PC I’m looking to build.

Ok…anyone? Has anyone used remote desktop and what is the likelihood this will function reasonably well?

I can test that by that will be possible only on weekend.

Any other thoughts on this possibility?

Unless you’ve got a very low latency connection on both ends, it’s going to get a little funky.

I addition to that, RDP uses an emulated graphics adapter, so nothing is accelerated. I’ve opened my project from an RDP session, but beyond that, not much else.

I intend to do it at home 95% of the time, so I would think latency would be pretty low on my home network. I am curious if you could try to do some work on your project on a local network and see how well it works. I intend to use a surface pro 2 and a pretty decent PC i7-4770 and 770GTX…just hoping for proof of concept on this.

Anybody actually try this? Just curious…

Hi :slight_smile:

i tested splashtop remote(free if you in same network) and gaminganywhere(opensource)

gaminganywhere is hard to config but better performance and quality

It’s 2019 and Remote desktop still doesn’t seem to be a viable solution. I’ve used good ol’ Teamviewer and run intro problems, like scrolling, it just doesnt scroll anywhere. You press W on Play Mode and it won’t go forward at all… :confused:

EDIT: If you got Windows 10 Pro, Remote Desktop works ok so far, it scrolls and all, just depends on the speed of the connection.

To move the camera in editor mode there is a lot of lag.
my second computer has a good GPU and 50 MBPS of download and upload, my main computer has 250 MBPS
even with these settings, it is not practical to use remote desktop