Remote Desktop with UE4


I want to run UNREAL ENGINE 4 on my Macbook via remote desktop.
After trying out a number of methods such as RDP or TeamViewer, I found that I preferred the display quality and usability of Splashtop.
But when I hold down the W key in UNREAL ENGINE 4’s game mode, it seems to behave oddly.
It should keep moving forward, but after one step I stop moving.

Is there anyone using remote desktop with UNREAL ENGINE 4?
If so, please tell me about what software and settings you recommend.

Running UNREAL ENGINE 4 on a Macbook, the sound of the fan is too noisy for me to concentrate.
I want to be able to run UNREAL ENGINE 4 on a Windows desktop PC I have set up far enough away that the sound won’t reach, while running the game on a Macbook laptop via remote desktop.

Is anyone there ?

I’m using remotix ( ) to connect to Mac from PC, but mostly for code and build since remote editing is too slow for me.
They have 15 days trial, you can give it a try see if it would solve your problem

I don’t think that it will be confortable for you to work with RDP (or any other remote desktop solution)

I will buy the new headphone.
Thank you.

It seems like their price is kinda high…