Remote control (via network) - What is the best approach to implement it?

Hello, guys.

I’m building an UE4 application as part of my master’s degree project, and I need some help to chose the best approach for some features…

It’s a 3D environment in first person mode. The player can walk and interact with some objects. It’s going to be remotely processed on a server and transmitted to a mobile device via network. The mobile device has an app that will play the streaming and receive the input from the user. Then it will return the input messages to the 3D application running on the server. There will be many kind of interfaces and ways to interact on the client side (the mobile device), but the actions in the 3D application are always the same.

The best way I see to implement this is to create all the game mechanics with blueprints and use custom events to trigger the actions. e.g. Instead of using an input key node as an event to trigger an action, I’d use a custom event node. For this custom node, I’d need a C++ code that could communicate with the client app via network.

So I imagine I’ll need to create a C++ class with some external includes for network operations, implement the communication with the client (to receive inputs) and create functions with specific inputs as different event nodes to be used in blueprints.

I’m studying ways of creating custom blueprints nodes, but I’m kinda lost. Is that possible to create an event node that will be able to communicate via network with another application? I some college knowledge in C++, but I’d like some help to find more specific information to guide me with this implementation…

Did you ever manage to get some help for this and did you ever manage to get it working?