Remote Control call Level Blueprint Function

Hi, like the topic.
How do I use Remote Control to call this Function?



Did you look at that?

I’ve looked some parts of them, but not found.
It’s Level Blueprint Function, not Actor Function.

Sorry, I did not read your first post properly.
AFAIK The remote control tool is made to edit properties on world outliner actors and call some function on those objects. It is not made to control the Editor UI.

I also struggled on this for a few days before finding the solution. The gist is to find the LevelScriptActor, which contains the function you need to call.

First execute PUT /remote/object/property with the following body:

    "objectPath" : "/Game/Levels/YourLevelName.YourLevelName:PersistentLevel",
    "access" : "READ_ACCESS",
    "propertyName": "LevelScriptActor"

This will return the path to the script actor:

    "LevelScriptActor": "/Game/Levels/YourLevelName.YourLevelName:PersistentLevel.YourLevelName_C_2"

Now call PUT /remote/object/call with that actor path and your function:

    "objectPath" : "/Game/Levels/YourLevelName.YourLevelName:PersistentLevel.YourLevelName_C_2",
    "functionName" : "MyFunction",
    "parameters" : {
    // ...
    "generateTransaction" : false

I hope this helps!


Thank you so much!