Remote Contract Work

Project Titles:
“Confidential (Under NDA)”

We’re looking for additional Unreal Engine Artists, Programmers, and Developers to join our team in current active and upcoming projects. As there are pre-screening questions required for your application, it’s easiest if you apply directly on our website using our career application form rather than reply to this thread or DM.

Apply Here: Careers – Bad Rhino Studios

Team Name:
Bad Rhino Games

Talent Required:
In short, we’re needing additional talent to assist in the following areas of game development:

You must:

  • Speak fluent English
  • Be comfortable with working remote
  • Manage your time and meet all deadlines
  • Possess all necessary hardware/software outlined for each position

About our Studio**:**
Bad Rhino Games is an independent game studio based in the heart of Kansas City, KS developing experiences for VR, PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.


Studio Head: Ryan Manning
Twitter: @badrhinogames](

Your website Apply button doesnt actually seem to work…

Tried in both FF and Chrome.

So this job still is like making a free test for 30 days or one month and a half to see if it fits?

Are you interested in working with another studio to fill these roles? I have team members who could definitely fit some of the categories listed.

@DevilsD Fixed!
@Smiljan77 Everyone who applies is required to show a portfolio and take a short test. We want to make sure you have the skills and don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

Is this a full time position? - , manage your time / meet all deadlines , is pretty vague

On you’re website is no company data or legal notice or trade name and youre description as “studio” is pretty vague in this context. Is it a registered company?

@mamoksche let me clarify than. As most of our positions are remote, we’re looking for people who are responsible and professional in managing their schedule, tracking their time accurately (aka, not playing games and billing the company for that time), and staying on top of deadlines. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t work well with remote positions, then these positions probably aren’t a good fit for you.

@Pinotti not sure what’s vauge about our studio. Did you read our About page? In terms of what we do as a studio, it should be pretty clear. And to answer your last question, yes, we are a legally registered company.

Hey Ryan, just sent you a skype request and will PM you now but wanted to post a quick reply here to say that there is something damned hypnotic about the top video on your site, I just found myself staring at it for 15 seconds before coming to my senses. So whatever subliminal messages you’ve implanted in my brain I hope they were good natured :slight_smile: Looking forward to chatting further about the project and working with another finely named gentlemen in the Industry.


Sent you a Skype invite.