Remote compiling requires a server name


I’m trying to build my Blueprint based project on Windows with UE4_26 to iOS but I’m getting the following error:

UATHelper: Packaging (iOS): ERROR: Remote compiling requires a server name. Use the editor (Project Settings > IOS) to set up your remote compilation settings.
PackagingResults: Error: Remote compiling requires a server name. Use the editor (Project Settings > IOS) to set up your remote compilation settings.

As I don’t have any C++ code I wouldn’t expect this to require a remote compile(on a Mac). I even turned off most of the plugins, but I’m not sure if any of the remaining ones are C++ based.

Can anyone help me with this error?

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You need a mac with ssh to to compile from windows.

Are you sure about that?
The documentation says:
“If you are creating a Blueprint-only iOS project, you do not need to use the full remote-build process detailed in the sections below. Instead, you can use your Windows machine to create your iOS build directly, provided that you have set up your iOS developer certificate and provision profile in the editor. However, if you add C++ code to your project in the future, you will need to follow the steps on this page.”

Im using BP only projects but still cannot compile without a mac, but if you find any solution, write it please.

Not a solution per-se but something I found was even though I had a BP only project changing things like the iOS app icons required a remote build. I guess that requires complete re-packaging and not just content pulled into a precompiled version of the engine?

There’s probably a good bunch of other things that will trigger a remote build requirement, be nice to have a list.

Using ARKit also requires a remote build.

I haven’t changed iOS app icons. I basically wanted to launch an app with an UMG and even that didn’t work. ARKit was also disabled. :confused:

To cut a long story short, you need an Apple dev account and remote server of some description to do any meaningful dev on iOS.
And even then good luck!!!

Try a brand new project and do a build from that, it should hopefully be content only then? You could try bring over assets and things to see what’s forcing the remote build that way. Or take a backup of your current project and systematically remove things / change settings to see what’s forcing it.

I just ran into this today, it was with a pretty empty project with just the water plugin enabled, I think that was a culprit. Definitely didn’t have any cpp in the project just had an empty landscape and a water ocean body.

Got the same problem “Remote compiling requires a server name” even when compiling for iOS with profiles configured. Happened after removing many pluggins to reduce the size of the build. Turns out after investigation that the Android Runtime Permission and Media Compositing plugin needs to remain enabled for it to work. So not to generalize, you might want to check your default plugin requirements. Hope it helps !

I know it’s been two years…

What I found is that if you have any plugins that use C++ building the blueprint-based project will no longer work. Make sure you didn’t enable anything in the plugins folder and if you did try testing them by enabling one at the time and packaging it.