Remote Client "Run on Server" event not triggering


Could I ask you a quick question?

I need to get each remote client to send the server a notification (first to say it has finished loading the map and is ready to play, and in future to send the server any player input commands). I know this sounds the simplest thing to do, but I just can’t seem to get it happening.

I’ve tried using a “Run on Server” event (function replication) in my player controller (called from elsewhere in the player controller), but this only triggers and runs if the player controller is on the host client (same machine as server), and does not trigger when running from a remote client.

Also, if I pass the player controller a reference to the GameMode, this reference is valid if received by the host client player controller, but becomes null if received by a remote client. So how can I get a remote client to call functions on the server GameMode?

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All I can really say is go back over the tutorials and try to read up and find as much as you can about how network replication works with the framework. (Because you haven’t show anything) It’s definitely tricky and sometimes hard to get your head wrapped around network replication I’m constantly fighting it myself. GameMode only exists on the server. The player controller is different as the host has a copy of all player controllers but those aren’t replicated to other clients. Maybe try your logic in the player class.