Remorse/Zero - Doujin Anime 3D Fighting Game/Open-world RPG - WIP Combat

Hi all, this is so far a single man project that I’ve been working on for a while now. The game is set on an island where people were sent to after being captured by leaders of an underground cult who believes that they have been given a task of monitoring the trial to choose the next leader of the Fallen Angels. The elected participants are those who have rebelled against god, and they must fight on the island until the last man standing, who will become the leader of the Fallen Angels.

The gameplay focuses on a open-world map, with up to 8 players. On the island, there will be several events, missions and bosses that will randomly occur. You will also have to make sure to keep eating, finding food and shelter during the night. As of now, the island’s map is about 30-40% completed. But prior to joining a multiplayer server, each character will have a prologue mission set before they are captured. When two players encounter each other, they will be sent to a closed off area where they are to fight.

I’ve got a little video of gameplay, however the arcade map I used is still its early age of development, so it looks sort of plain. There will also be more variations to the animation, and as I was the only one who could test it, the other player is idle, and there is a bit of lag from having 2 clients running on the same machine. The bar at the top is the ‘shihai’ guage that fills up as you land combos, and you fill it quicker with certain combinations and faster hits, but does not fill on ranged magic attacks. But if you don’t work towards raising it, it will start dropping off and your ‘shihai’ will begin to decline. At 3 points through the guage, you will be able to use a 1-off special skill depending on your character with the damage of each one increasing exponentially (trust me it’s insanely hard to cap it). On the other hand, as your health reaches the critical stage, or you are in a ‘pinch’, extra abilities will be granted towards you. (Generally if there is a large difference in health between the opponents, or when they enter the critical stage of health.) You can abort the battle at any time during a pinch, but at a cost of reduced stamina and other abilities that are highly needed for scouting the island. (Also if you are caught again and battle another player under those effects, you’ll have almost zero chance of survival, but the effects are only reduced for 8 minutes.)

I plan on starting a Kickstarter in a few weeks, just after I polish some things and get my other character fully set-up. The goal will be $8000.

EDIT: Just noticed I kept a last bit of the video with the glitched crouch in the render lol.

Nice, How much trouble did you have with importing from the unity asset store?

None at all really, I just made a blank project on Unity, downloaded the asset and imported it to UE4 with no dramas. Most assets come in FBX making it easier. I do have an original character from commissioned work with animations by myself nearly acceptable. This is just used so I can focus on the gameplay aspects and such to get something playable for the Kickstarter.