Remorse: The List - Horror Game

Short Description
Remorse: The List is a small indie horror game with dark and dusty streets, sinister atmosphere and a semi-open world setting. The game will have multiple guns and melee weapons, enemies, memo system and of course puzzles to solve.

You wake up in an abandoned warehouse with a list of weird favors in your hand. Seems like the only way to find out what is going on is solving the cryptic sentences of the paper as soon as possible.

Survival Horror
Inventory System
Memo System
Simple Combat
Semi-Open World

Talent Needed
Weapon and Character Animator
(send me a pm here or an e-mail to dracorian88 at gmail dot com if interested)

And finally some WIP pictures from the game, i hope you like it:

Hi there Ashkandi

Very nice work, the images you show so far look great. Very nice detailed modeling. One can really feel the mood in the environments.

Cant wait to see more progress :slight_smile:

Wish you only the best with your game

kepp it up :slight_smile:

Reminds me of Cry of Fear, nice. Looking forward to it!

A little update with some pictures. We’re finishing up the inventory system these days and working on the weapons and maps too. We miss weapons from new horror games so much, so guns, melee weapons and ammo is a really important aspect in our game. (The game won’t be combat heavy though, it will be slow paced so there won’t be rocket launchers, infinity ammo or super rainbow shooting laser pistols)

The atmosphere is solid, looking forward to seeing more!
I found the indiedb page (and subscribed to it), though you didn’t mention it in any of the threads.

Look, another HUN (magyar) dev! Cheerz from BP! : )

Yep, as you can see our maps inspired by hungarian locations too. :cool:

I’ve seen what you did there… btw, nice environment details, KUTGW! :wink:

Looks great. The screenshots are very well polished! :slight_smile:

Hey Guys!

Here is our first little teaser video from the game, i hope you like it. :rolleyes:

Hello guys!

After a year and a half, our game has reached a pretty good, playable state so we’re ready to try Steam Greenlight. It’s the first big challenge for our small developer team and i hope we can do it!

Please help us and drop a vote for our game if you like it.

Thank you mates!

Voted up! Looks good and I’m sure you’ll get on Steam in no time.