Hey guys some time ago we started working on a open world survival game its currently in the prototype faze at the moment on steam greenlight, we are hopping to get greenlit so we can start sorting out servers and start network testing, please feel free to comment thanks.


Positive vote…this is really a great job for a 2 developers team :cool:

Thanks for the feedback and vote :), we are really enjoying the development process.

This is beautiful for just two people… I wish the team best of luck

Thanks you :slight_smile:

This looks really nice. Tremendous job for just a team of two!

I did notice in the video on Steam that when the player is checking in the rubbish piles, the UI says Runish. Not sure if this is a deliberate mistake for something inside the games story, but, thought I would let you know just in case you missed it.



Hi Jay, Thanks and yeah it was a typo that’s been fixed we will be making a new video soon to replace that video because a few people pickup on the typo lol.

Good job guy’s, been following this game for a while. Glad you guys got greenlit, well deserved if you ask me !

Thanks very kind works :), it was a fun process getting the game ready enough for greenlight now we have moved to the next step getting ready for a early access release.

No problem man well deserved, will be picking the game up as soon as it’s available !

:slight_smile: Thanks for the support.

Congrats, Looks really cool.

vote for you

Thanks guys the votes offers us feedback even after being greenlit.