Remnants of Decay

Background Story:

In the year 2024 the long approached outbreak of the Third-World-War led to the collapse of the formerly known civilizations and caused many parts of the world to turn into a nuclear wasteland. Areas that were spared an immediate nuclear hit soon suffered from a different kind of Armageddon.

As beside devastating atomic weaponry, the involved nations also used various experimental chemical weapons. The nuclear radiation in combination with a certain chemical combat agent has led to the development and outbreak of a virus that infest the neural system of almost any life form. The virus causes a quick degeneration of the host’s cognitive functions, leading him into madness and finally resulting in extreme rage and bloodlust against anyone not also affected by it. The virus quickly sprea**d itself and has caused the formation of a gigantic horde of Infected that haunts the surviving population.

Even though most of the civilization vanished, some individuals survived the many dangers of the post-apocalyptic world and try to survive best as they can. Some become lone wolf scavengers, living by their own rules and laws, others group together and form communes of likeminded people in hope to survive and rebuild civilization, and still others become bandits who only care for their own personal gains and pay little to no respect to their fellow human beings.

What is Remnants of Decay?

*In Remnants of Decay you act *as the leader of one of the survivor communes that formed after the nuclear holocaust. Your goal is to reconquer an area of the former USA from the roaming hordes of Infected. The game can be described as a mix of the genres Base-Build Horde-Survival, Tower-Defense and RTS. Build defensive structures and traps to repel approaching hordes of Infected or use special abilities to engage combat in a more direct way. At the same time keep an eye on your resource stockpiles and plan ahead wisely. Survive the more and more difficult attack waves, defeat the appearing boss enemies and expand your network of fortifications. Later come back to your previously built bases and defend them in even heavier sieges.

Implemented persistency between various maps, added random zombie looks and roaming zombie behaviour.

Short video showing how some of the traps complement each other. Launchers throw the zombies into wood spikes that deal damage based on impact velocity.