Remember that chat about modding? Now UE4 is free, are mods more sustainable?

There was a long thread a while back talking about how currently UE4 would require modders to get a subscription to the engine in order to be able to get the tools for modding (I guess specifically map making). Well, with the new “free” UE4, that means that now anyone can get hold of the toolset and make mods for their fave games, or make their own games.

I guess this makes sense to drive traction towards the marketplace, although I wouldn’t want to be under the pressure the marketplace team will now be under :slight_smile:

It all seems pretty good in my view :slight_smile: makes the engine available to a far wider audience, which should drive usability improvements in the longer term. Plus it makes collaborations a bit easier because there’s no problem getting people signed up for the engine etc.

I still would not want to have modders using the whole UE4 just for creating a simple map for a RTS game (sculpting, placing predefined actors, saving).

So it’s nice, but I still hope there will be a more modder friendly approach for simple stuff like map creating.