Remember me functionality on answerhub

Over the past few days I started usign answerhub more and I noticed that I still need to click SIGN IN and be redirected to in order to get authenticated , then back to answerhub to continue as a logged in user.
I’d like to ask for a remember me functionality on answerhub as well (no need to click SIGN IN every time).

P.S. Many times , I also get a javascript alert stating wether or not I want to be redirected to as well (in order to prevent stuff that I have already typed to get lost).

Hi Zarkopafilis,

The Answerhub, these forums,, the Epic Games Launcher, and a few of our other websites all utilize the same SSO (Single Sign On) system for your account login. This means that when you are logged into one, you will automatically be logged into the others as you visit them. It also means that if you sign out of one, you are signed out of the others.

When you sign in on the Answerhub, you get briefly redirected to (as you said), but you’ll notice that there is a Remember Me checkbox on that page. If that is checked, it should keep you logged in. Otherwise without that, the session will expire after 8 hours.