Remember Array Selection


Hey, so I have this built. What it does is it ensures that each trigger box reference is only chosen once per execution. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to make it so that, no matter how many times it executes, it does not pick a trigger box that is currently being used in game. Similar to capture the flag logic, where it knows whether the flag is gone or not at all times. Could anyone help with this?


hard to understand for me can you specify it a bit? what I see on the picture is youre creating an array on the first execute nod. on the second execute nod youre trying to randomly delete array elements right? im not sure but the Execute2 nod should be plugged in where your Repeat event is because otherwise you don’t run the “random integer in range” logic

There is a node, get overlapping actors. If you mean in-use as in, someone is in the box, you can use get overlapping actors to check the array length. If the box is in use, just don’t use it, and loop again.

If you mean in-use otherwise, you’ll have to set up a custom actor to hold a variable I think.

So I’ve got this now, where I want it to check if there is anything overlapping from the value its selected from the array. If there is, then it should repeat until it finds a trigger box with no overlapping actors.

This is the macro for checking the overlap. The whole thing isn’t currently working, and I think the problem is within this macro. I’m not sure where though.
Thanks for the help btw!

youre doing “make array” for the trigger array, just to overwrite this whole thing in the next step inside of your macro? why

That’s a stupid mistake on my part, I’m trying to ‘get overlapping actors’ to see if there are any actors within the random trigger box selection. That’ll be where the problem is.