Remember Actor Locations when re-entering a level

I have a level, and when the button at location 1 is clicked the menu at location 2 appears. If you click the button at location 3, the actor at location 4 spawns. Generally the user is able to click any of the buttons in location 3 and the corresponding actor appears on the pole. This works fine, but if the user closes the menu at location 3, it looses reference to the actor on the pole. I want the user to be able to click on any of the buttons at location 3, an actor is spawned, menu is closed, they decide to change the actor spawned to a different style, how can I do this.
I have attached a capture of the level with menus, and also the Blueprint code that runs the button at location 3 to spawn the actor at location 4. Hope this makes sense, Im obviously still learning, hopefully someone can assist with this issue.