Remapping supply crates

Could someone explain what Remap_SupplyCrates inside PrimalGameData_BP would do and what the indexes would correspond to? Looking at the reference viewer, supply crates are only referenced by PersistentGameplaySublevel_SupplyDrops which in itself is not referenced by anything. Since this is the case, outside of creating my own level or copying TheIsland, it seems that the Remap_SupplyCrates is my only option to manually change loot tables (except for excluding item indices which for what I want to disable is bugged).


The indices don’t have to correspond to anything, but it just allows you to replace TheIsland’s spawning of one class of supply crate with presumably a NEW class of supply crate (or a subclass) that you include in your mod :slight_smile:

Thank you for the clarification on this, I had been wondering the same. I assumed it functioned as it does, but wanted confirmation before diving into that.

I’m not having any luck using this function. Do you remap FROM old TO new, or vice versa? Do you remap with new crates (attached to a new item list) or just the new item list itself? Any help would be appreciated.

The FROM box is the old and the TO box is the new. You just select the original unchanged asset provided by the dev kit for from, then duplicate it and change it and put it in the TO box.

For the level 25+ supply drops, you also have to update your LootItemSet.

Thanks Drathek, what was going wrong was a problem with loading the mod itself- what you described is what I tried first and was confused when it did not work, but it wasn’t a formatting issue, the mod just wasn’t loading. Appreciate the help, though!