Remapping loot item sets?

I’m currently trying to change the contents of beaver dams. Unfortunatley I cannot find either an option to remap the dams themselves, similar to supply drops, or an option to remap the lootitemset for them. Any advice on how to do this?

I think that using the remap supply drops will work for that. Just remap the lootitemsets there.
I know that array used to work for the supply crate lootitemsets so it should work for that too.

Unfortunatley remapping that doesn’t seem to have worked.
Slightly off topic from the original question, I have a child of the ocean drop in my mod folder that doesn’t have anything remapped to it. The idea being to have a special admin spawnable drop, however this drop doesn’t seem to cook with the rest of the mod. Any ideas on that?

Hmm, strange. You do know you’re not going to see the new item sets in existing dams right? Only newly spawned ones after adding the mod will have them.
add admin spawn only items to the “Extra Resources” array in the primalgamedata

I spawned new beaver dams in the devkit editor using “summon beaverdam_c” still had the old loot set in there. And is the extra resources array for items or will it work with pretty much anything?

Appears to work for anything. Im using it for several different things in several different mods

Thanks for the help with the Admin drop, adding a new resource has worked for that. Unfortunatley I still haven’t managed to get the beaverdam loot set remapped.