Remapping keys with Enhanced Inputs


I am using the Enhanced Inputs plugin in my project, and I have some troubles when trying to remap keys.

  1. How to assign a modifier to a key when using the node ‘Map Key’ (from InputMappingContext) ? The node returns an EnhancedActionKeyMapping structure but I don’t know how to use it to add modifiers.

  2. How to get the current key associated with an InputAction ? It’s clear how to Unmap Or Map keys but not how to get the current key(s) used.

  3. Finally, how to get the current MappingContext used by the controller ?

Thanks in advance

Hey, @Dragoon-scales!

Looking into this I found a few YouTube videos that were not created by Epic Games, but should answer your questions above. Although, I am not quite understanding what you mean by “modifiers”, could you explain more what you mean by that?

Here are those videos:
Unreal Engine: Enhanced Input
UE4 Enhanced Input, Blueprint Keymapping + Keymapped UI Widget

I hope the above solutions get you where you want to go!

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Thanks for the links!

Actually, I saw the videos before asking the question. As I didn’t find any solutions in them I asked here.

The modifiers I refer to are the one found under each InputAction in an InputMappingContext. On each InputAction you can add “modifiers” as well as “triggers” : Enhanced Input | Unreal Engine Documentation (see bottom of the page)