Remapping CTRL + B to 2nd Content Browser, possible?

So, I really dislike that CTRL + B directly opens the content browser and highlighting whatever tab I have open at that time.
Because of this I have to manually open a 2nd content browser that sticks to whatever files I want constant access to.
Is there a way to make CTRL + B does it job on a 2nd content browser instead of the main one?

Worst case scenario, would there at least be a way to get a keyboard shortcut to open a second content browser?
I’d prefer to have the first option ofcourse, but I could live with this second option.

I assume its something I could do within one of the .ini files but I wouldn’t know what to write there.

I have asked on discord & twitter, but nobody was able to give me a satisfactory answer.

Heck, I’ll even donate a pizza trough paypal. (i.e. pay for one)

Hehe I found it. You just need to lock the main content browser. For this use locked button on content browser.

Then it always opens on the second content browser.

Yay! :rolleyes::):slight_smile:

I knew the solution might have been easier than I thought, and it was!
while it isnt exactly what i asked for, it gives me the same result, so im cool with it!

If you want the pizza, dm me your paypal info :slight_smile:

Hehe thank you the important thing for me was to be able to help. :slight_smile:

You instantly made my life and workflow much better, so I will for ever be thankful :slight_smile: