1. OK so when remapping using the PrimalGameData_BP_GenericMod. Are there actual limitations on what can be remapped. Example being that it states Remap NPC, (which i assume only refers to “”_Character_BP_subclass) can you not remap other BP using it as well?

  2. If i only edit a few BP controllers for a remapped dino and set it to use the new subclass controller do i still need to subclass all other controllers even if i did not want to change them since the dino is remapped?

Basically through both the gamedata blueprint and the gamemode blueprint you can force the game to use alternatives to the base game and then still load a different map such as TheIsland. Open up the two blueprints in the GenericMod found inside the Content/Mods folder and look at what all defaults you can change. I am not entirely certain what all is entailed with Remapping NPCs since the DinoEntries are seperate from the Remap NPC default, but as far as I understand it needs only to be within the scope of the UE4 engine (which is a pretty wide scope).

Regarding your second question, you will just need to leave existing dinos alone in the PrimalGameData blueprint since they all correctly reference the games normal assets provided by the dev kit unless you wish to replace the said dino. For example, if you want to replace say the Dodo with maybe a DodoRex, you would change Dino Entry 0 in PrimalGameData_BP to your new blueprint, but leave entries 1-27 alone.

Hope that answers your questions, otherwise maybe with something more specific Drake can show you the way :smiley:

I have created subclasses for all Dinos so i have remapped the “Dodo_Character_BP” —> “Dodo_Character_BP_Child” and within that BP i referenced the subclass “tammed dino inventory component” and the “Dino Settings Class” to my subclass for those blueprints to use the altered stats. As for the “Dino Entry” that’s just for the dossiers… Which i could careless about

Now while i was in the “Character_BP” i did not notice a “DinoStatusBP” option to change it to my subclass that i altered… So would i just remap that under “remap NPC” in the “PrimalGameData_BP” and change it “from class” —> “to class” so it applies it over the vanilla one?


It sounds to me, though I am not entirely clear exactly what all you have done and changed, that you are merely creating children of blueprints. That is good, but the game doesn’t look for children and automatically replace content because it has a child. You must make a new bluperint, or a child, and then have either gamedata and/or gamemode blueprints reference the new assets. Then you have the map override the gamedata and gamemode in the world settings. The gamemode and gamedata blueprints are everything you have to start from, but they eventually reference just about every asset that makes the game at some point so adjusting that hierarchy at points allows you to inject your own assets to the game.

I have a copied genericmod level with overridden PrimalGameData, childed PrimalGameData (PrimalGameData_C_KGT) that remaps the Quetz_Character_BP to my custom childed version (Quetz_Character_BP_KGT), and a custom colorset for the quetzal (DinoColorSet_KGT_Quetz) that is referenced in Quetz_Character_BP_KGT.

If I used remap NPC for the old Quetzal to my new version, when I spawn a dino using <“Blueprint’/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Quetzalcoatlus/Quetz_Character_BP.Quetz_Character_BP’” 1 1 1 3>, should that spawn the replaced version? In the editor on a level using my custom PrimalGameData, that command spawns a default Quetzal.

So far I’ve only gotten the new one to spawn using <spawndino “Blueprint’/Game/Mods/Dinos/Quetz_Character_BP_C_KGT.Quetz_Character_BP_C_KGT’” 1 1 1 3>, but I want it to simply replace the regular Queztal when my mod is active.

Necro bump. Remap NPC isn’t really working for me either. I need more info on it.