Remaping spawners and dinos


I have been modifying the spawners and dinos to alter spawn levels, and I have remapped all the spawners in Primal Game Data. I did initially remap a few of the NPC’s but I am wondering if that is needed as my spawners already use my custom dinos?

What could go wrong if I don’t? My main reason for not wanting to do so is I have multiple children of some dinos, I create a low version and a med and a high version which corresponded to levels they can spawn at. Then I change the spawner to use the low level versions on the beach and med or high in other spawners. So using a Ptero as an example how do I remap that? Do I remap the Ptero to my Ptero_low_BP and not remap anything to my Ptero_med_BP or Ptero_high_BP?

Will it cause spawning weight issues if I don’t remap them? Or will a wild dino wipe fix that?