Remaping Issue


I modified the compost bin and remapped it. Somehow it works perfectly in the test environment in the Unreal engine (i get my new item from the classic compost bin engram) but when i cook it and upload it it doesn’t work.
Also any idea to remap already placed structures?

Most of the time, when you remap a structure that exists, the only way your changes are going to translate, is if the structure is built again (after your changes have been uploaded)

Thanks that answers my 2nd question.
But for some reason, my mod shows up in the mods when you press echap, it works fine in the unreal engine, but i still get the vanilla item ingame, even after rebuilding, do i need to reset server or what?
Anyone can help me? (i can always put it as friend only and have someone here test it maybe?)

No one has an idea? I am really stuck here …

Have you included it inside the primalgamedata or just the engram?

It is in the Primalgamedata in the remaps (i don’t think we need to put it in the item masterlist since it’s only for the commands)

My guess is that remaping the item will work only if the blueprint hasn’t been selected yet

I may just make it an advanced compost that requires to already have a compost bin engram unlocked