Remap Resource Components / Remap Items

So… from what wildcard posted:

What is this actualy for?
Test: I subclassed stone, increased stack size to 200
used Remap Resource Components
From PrimalItemRessource_Stone
To PrimalItemRessource_Stone_Child

went ingame, no affect at all, stone doesnt stack higher

Test 2:
used Remap Items
From PrimalItemRessource_Stone
To PrimalItemRessource_Stone_Child

went ingame, stone now stacks to 200
But slingshot does not see stone as ammo now

Test 3:
Used Remap Items and Remap Resource Components

Same as Test 2

Workaround here, subclass Slingshot and change Ammo from Stone to Stone child, and enter new Slingshot_child to “Remap items”

Mortar And Pestile,
I subclassed Gunpowder and increased stacksize, Same issues as above.
But you also cant craft it any longer within the Mortar and Pestile - and i havent found a solution for it yet.

Does anyone know how this stuff is supposed to be used/done ?

No clue, ran into the same problem myself, I’m now testing if changing the inventories on the crafting stations will fix it.

Update: Changing the inventory of the crafting tools to point to the new child items seems to have worked, engrams now show up as craftable in their inventories, only problem is I also had to change the base structure BP for it to work since I could not figure out any other way of getting the updated inventory into the game data, if someone has a solution for this, please tell me, as doing it my way means any mods that use the original strucutres for their items will not work with my mod.

That is correct, you would have to either replace the inventories on the crafting stations or just add your item on the existing inventory component if possible.

PS: the remap resource is really only for easy convenient remapping of just the harvesting components. Example: adding a new type of rock to be found when gathering rocks. This would be done via remapping the harvesting components via the resource remap.