Remap NPCs not working

I made copies of the relevant dino character BPs, renamed them, and moved them to my mod folder. Made the appearance changes I wanted. Copied the spawn files into my mod folder, renamed those. Then replaced the original dino BPs referenced in the spawn files with my coloured ones. I added info in the mod PrimalGameData_PB, telling it to replace the NPC spawn files with the ones I wanted. The moded PrimalGameData_BP is referenced in the GenericMod map file. Cooking and uploading seems fine. The steam download contains all the edited files. Whenever I run the mod, however, There are no changes. I’ve tried both on my unofficial server and in single player mode. I’ve spent a week troubleshooting and have no idea what’s wrong.

Redid it and it’s working now. That being said, I don’t know what I was doing wrong.

I have a nagging suspicion that sometimes files are not coming down from Steam into your game client folder sometimes. These days, I use a hex editor on the PrimalGameData asset file just to double check that it’s really the one I just cooked and uploaded. I’ll reporting back here if I find any time lapse.

Just something to try (maybe just good housekeeping)… but right click on your mod folder and choose “Fix Up Redirectors in Folder”. Just in case there is some odd reference that is pointing to a null reference rather than the new one you made.

I had the same exact issue. It was actually something to do with the steam workshop. I had to delete my mod from the workshop and re-upload it for it to take all the updated 190 files.

Same here pretty much. A lot of the issues I’ve had with updating my mod seems to stem from the workshop not wanting to update the files correctly.