Remap a dynamic value? Possibly using curve.

Hi All,

using blueprints what is the easiest way to remap a value range to another range?
Say -0.3->4.5 to become 0.0->2.3 and clamped on both sides.
I need to do this on a dynamically changing variable that drives IK animation. (I don’t think I can use the new bone driven anim node as source is not a bone)
Ideally I would be able to ‘ease in and out’ by remapping values through a curve that I create, but other ways are good too.

Is there a node to do this or would I have to calculate it?


I use functions for those and never use actual range.

I just found ‘MapRangeClamped’ (and not) which would be a good start.
But how about remapping through a curve or other mathematical ease-in-ease-out?

You can create a Float Curve in the Content Browser

And then reference it in your Blueprint using a variable, then you can get any value you want.


Yeah that looks like what I was after cool!
Thanks a lot!