Relocate DDC Direct Data Cache

How do I change the local drive for the derived data cache?

I tried following the help documentation page but it was not clear enough ( Derived Data Cache | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation ).

Inside the BaseEngine.ini file there are about a half-dozen places for “SharedDataCachePath”. Trying to type “UE-SharedDataCachePath=d:_tempUnrealDDC” into the Windows Command Prompt gave an error that the command was not understood. Do you type this into UE’s console?

I am trying to relocate it to a new D:/tempUnrealDDC folder.

Thanks for any help,

You can easily set it in the editor preferences depending on your engine version:

@TriNityGER ,

Thanks for the Editor location. However, when changing it in the Editor Preferences, won’t that mean that I have to change it for each and every project (as each project has it’s own editor preferences)? Can I change it once globally for every project?

Thats what Editor preferences are for :wink: What you’re referring to are the project preferences.

If Editor Preferences are global, then why do I have to go to Editor Preferences/ Level Editor - Viewports/ Invert Middle Mouse Pan and check this on for each of my projects? Checking it on in one project does not translate to the others. Just curious.