religious content in submission accepted?

Hey guys,

we are currently wrapping out our Medieval NPC pack and i would like to know if we are allowed to have some christian cross necklace for our spiritual NPC’s.
I couldn’t find any answer regarding this topic in the submission guidelines.

Many thanks,

Freedom of Religion so go ahead

I highly doubt that something as simple as a cross necklace would be against any regulations. I’m not 100% sure what they look for in the approval process. I’d imagine what pushing the limits would like like is if you’d submit crucified Jesus or something.

If the material is not offensive you can go ahead, but as Im not aware of every possible religion dogmas that exist, you might rotulate at your package description exactly what there are inside, including the pictures. The more info you provide, the more likely reason someone would purchase unaware of it.

I am not sure as it may be understood as making a joke out of religion. I am personally not like that, but for example in Russia you may be imprisoned for that. It’s not a legal advice, I am not a lawyer, just my opinion based on news

Well it depends on where you physically are I guess. I would not recommend doing that in post USSR countries, it may lead to imprisonment and a status of an extremist. It’s not a legal advice, I am not a lawyer, just my opinion based on gossips

There shouldn’t be any issues with a cross necklace. Feel free to email us directly next time, we’re happy to answer any pre-submission questions you may have: