Relics of Ra

Hey guys, we at Not Big Enough Games have recently released our new mobile app “Relics of Ra”! The game utilizes the power of Unreal Engine 4 and brings vivid, beautiful detail to the mobile screen. It features 3 Shape base difficulties, reactive tilt controls, endless replayability and localized leaderboards.

Descend into the ancient temple as a bejeweled Relic and match your gem to the colored aura! Try not to touch the walls on the way down though, as the relic is quite fragile! How far will you make it? With 3 increasingly challenging difficulties, try your hand at Relics of Ra!

Check it out on Google Play and the App Store! :slight_smile:

Some pictures:

Thanks for looking! Any feedback or comments are absolutely welcome, we’d love to see what you guys think! :slight_smile:

I like the core mechanic of the game. The “challenge yourself to reach new depths” slogan is clever. :smiley:
I doubt it’s a good idea to have sooo much screenspace in dull brown color in a mobile game. Not sure how to fix that without distracting the players from their colour/obstacles.
Maybe give some background elements a different color entirely. Orange could blend in nicely I think.
Your company logo is awesome!!! :smiley: