Releasing some free content / assets of mine

I am starting this thread to release some self-made assets.

To start with, here a little pack of modular 3d models. They have UVs for 1 square meter materials. If you assign different materials to them, you can make them fit to many different environments, here some examples as modern office elements or Sci-Fi.
The attached .zip files contain the models in .fbx format, which you can import directly to youre unreal project.

hum, since the Epic-Forum update in 2019 or 2020, some files are missing.



Always appreciate when people are doing stuff for the community! Keep it up!

Another modular set with different materials to demonstrate the customisation options:

Free Gumball for everybody!

Are you tired of not being sure about the orientation, rotation, scale, forward direction and so on of your assets, esp. during testing/prototype phases?
Be frustrated no longer, use my free Gumball static mesh, which always shows you all of this information:

  • UEd’s world directions X, Y, and Z indicated by arrows 1 m long. That’s 100 Unreal units = 100 Centimeters or 10 Decimeters
  • The X arrow ends on the “construction plane”, the Y-arrow is halfway under the “construction plane”, aiding you on aligning on surfaces.
  • The frame on the ends of the arrows show you the dimensions of 1 qubic meter
  • The diagonal from pivot within shows you the line from 0.0.0 to 100.100.100 in object space, or 1 meter in each direction from the origin.

Enclosed you find the .fbx model for any version of unreal, and I recommend assigning different coloured materials. In the example I assigned world-aligned materials (1 square meter each UV) with the same colours as the built in Unreal-Gumball.

From this view in decimeter scale, you can see more aides, e.g.:

  • the Y arrow indicates 1/10 in the cube and 1/10 below it, the X arrow indicates 2/10 in the cube, the size of the letters is 3/10 of the cube
  • the thiker part of the arrows indicate the direction to the pivot/origin, the thinner parts with the axis’ letter toward the direction of the axis.

.fbx file to import (check on “combine meshes” during import)
Gumball.fbx (613.7 KB)

Here a versatile model with some uses showcased as planter, lounge area, bed, wall-panel…
…but you can use it in many more ways, e.g. ceiling, light, bench, decoration. only your imagination is the limit.

wand-panel-water-seater.fbx (287.5 KB)

Hey Vollgaser, thanks so much for sharing your assets with us here on the forums. Always greatly appreciated to share and give back to the UE community.

Is there a link to your assets on the marketplace page? I’d love to be able to see what else you’ve created :slight_smile:

Thanks! If you like to see more of what i have created, look…
here for example in futuristic style: self-made Sci-Fi assets 2k - YouTube
and my youtube channel with much more content, e.g. my 500+ speedtree assets: speedtree-nursery: assets, natural - YouTube

Nothing of it is on the Unreal marketplace, but you can contact me if you are interested in them.

Wow, the speedtree-nursery asset set is spectacular. As someone with 0 art skills, I’m always so impressed by realistic-looking nature assets. :joy:

If you ever end up sharing them on the marketplace I’d love to play around with them.

PS: The flowers are gorgeous! :blush:

More assets for free and even more for patreons, on my patreon site:

Sleek, fast spaceship “son of blackbird” :wink: 10k tris

More assets, also free ones on my Gumroad site: Vollgaser

chrome-plane.fbx (375.0 KB)