Releasing Plugin under Open Source License


My team and I have developed a Plugin for Unreal Engine and we were thinking of realising it under the MIT license.

But at the same time we have some concerns about licensing because of the following reasons:

  1. We obviously extend some UE classes, so it shows some code from there.
  2. There are some portions which have some code inspired from the UE source code (for example a custom blueprint node).
  3. We copied some icons from the Engine\Content\Editor\Slate\Icons\ into the Content folder of the plugin. We of course have said where those icons come from in the proper LICENSE file.

Do we need to get special approval to release this plugin under the MIT license? or do we need to do anything regarding the points specified above?

  1. Extending classes is fine, but it shouldn’t require copying code
  2. This might depend on what code we’re talking about. Boilerplate code is ok.
  3. We don’t approve releasing icons under MIT.

You could consider releasing on the UnrealEngine GitHub network.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Regarding 3. we do not plan to release the icons under MIT, they will stay under the UE EULA. Is this ok regarding licensing terms?

It’s not. You’re not allowed to do a general distribution of engine content under the EULA in a way that permits re-use.