Releasing a Game with UE4.... Today?

Hello Everyone,

So I’ve been working with UE4 and I’m almost done and satisfied with the game I wanted to make.
However, I’m a bit reluctant to release it. I have not found any game, even a small one made with UE4 and released.

Did I miss a memo somewhere or can games be released and its just that everyone is working on long term projects?

Thanks in Advance,

  • John Ingram

There is a FAQ for the release terms. Here is what you have to do: Release and Royalty Tracking Guidelines - Unreal Engine

dude post it on released project first, so alot of people can see how you made it and see the actual game, that would be great, you might be the first one on the forums :smiley:

Learn to use Google next time…

You should be fine as long as you follow the release guidelines linked about.

Also to arkenthera “Daylight is a survival horror video game. It is set to release for the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows on April 29, 2014” so not released yet.
Learn to check your calender next time…

Most people do seem to be involved in long term projects. The engine is relatively new, and only a few were given access to it early (and even they are still in development on their games). The link Plucked provided should point you in the right direction in regards to your next move. That being said, congratulations on finishing your game, can’t wait to see it. =)

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Daylight is one of them yes. Most of those have not released, Are to be released in 2014, 2015 or TBA.

Here is a list of most (if not all) licensed games.

PS: If your project is ready and you need input please share with us. If you are willing to take the next step into release please feel free to contact the licensing department.

Hey guys thanks for the responses.

I guess I should have known already. I mean UDK didnt really get too many smaller games. I assumed UE4 would be different since its a little more accessible, I guess not.

I’ll probably get the project into the completed section soon, just want to play test a bit more.

Thanks for all your help guys! Really great community here!

  • John Ingram