[RELEASED] Weapon Sound Pack - Volume 4

Hello folks!

After the success of previous volume, there is the release of the realistic Weapon Sound Pack - Volume 4](Weapon Sound Pack - Volume 4 in Sound Effects - UE Marketplace)


Asset Link](Weapon Sound Pack - Volume 4 in Sound Effects - UE Marketplace)

It could be used as placeholders for your game because of the cheap price, or it can easily be used for final project because of the quality!

This pack contains 6 different weapons type: Handgun, Revolver, Shotgun, sub-machine gun, Sniper, and Automatic.
You will find the pistol FiveSeveN, Galil ARM, Revolver Raging Bull, Shotgun Remington 870, Steyr Scout, and the Smg FNP90.
It contains more than a 200 sounds ready to be integrated:
Shoot, reload, bullet casing, handling, aiming, scope!

It should satisfy you for your FPS and action game!
I hope you will fit your needs during your development!

And don’t forget, It’s still possible to buy each guns in a separate small packages!
And more packages to come!

If you have any feedback or any comment for the actual Volume 4 or for next volume, feel free to do it!