[RELEASED] VR Spectator Control Window

Very excited that we published our fisrt plugin today which allows users to create an extra window next to the Spectator view that can contain Unreal Engines UMG widget. This way you can control or configure a VR experience at runtime.

We have already used it for a game in a medical research, where the researchers can adjust settings while the patient is using the VR experience. And we also used it for architectural visualisation, where we can change materials, colors and teleport viewpoints.

you can find the plugin here:

Hah, I just finished posting docs for my version of this today! VR Spectator Control

Your plugin looks well done and very easy to use.

@calembendell When we started needing this solution last year, we used a similar approach as your solution. But because we needed to show both left and right eye in the spectator view, we could not use it anymore, since the TexturePlusMirror only show one eye. We also couldn’t find a good solution to use the mouse, so we had to find another solution.

The approach we use in the plugin allows us to show the Spectator screen in any mode you choose and you can simple use UMG in our Spectator Control Window. Another benefit is that we do not add any extra tick events or render targets that use processor time. The experience we have with our medical research VR game is that it keeps running at 90 fps with the extra screen. I do think however, this solution is best used in a set specification of more high end VR hardware and not so much meant for consumer VR games.

I also created a video of the example project for the plugin: