[Released] VisGM - Deathmatch - An Advanced Modular Game-mode System

What is VisGM?

VisGM is a modular, multiplayer game-mode system designed to give you functional and helpful tools to easily create new Multiplayer Game-modes within Unreal Engine 4. We plan on creating many different game-modes, and adding functionality to the core system as we do!

Why was this made?

While developing more and more multiplayer systems, I decided to create a base system for getting multiplayer game-modes up and going quickly. VisGM is the product of me wanting to accomplish more, by getting the foundation of a multiplayer game out of the way.


VisGM - Deathmatch is a modular multiplayer compatible gamemode based around the classic “Free-For-All Deathmatch” gamemode. Key features

Here are some of the key highlights of the system

  • Easy Installation - Under 5 mins
  • Component and Game-mode based
  • Useful functions for Game-mode programming.
  • Full Deathmatch Game-mode included.
  • Time, Kill, and Time/kill limit round win condition.
  • Modular and Multiplayer Compatible (Dedicated and Listen!)
  • Re-spawn (Limited, Unlimited, Custom, or None)
  • Win Condition (Kill limit, Time limit, Time/Kill limit, Custom)
  • Level Changing System using easy-to-use Map Pool (Random, In Order, Disabled, or Custom)
  • Spawn points, Modular Spawn functions
  • Send Message to Players functionality.
  • Optional Spawn protection
  • VisGM Component for easy GM communication.
  • VisGM Gamemode for round logic and server handling.
  • Expanded, Replicated Player Info.

Future Plans

  • Many Different Gamemodes
  • More Tutorials
  • VisAI packs that include gamemode functionality.
  • Modular AI support with tutorials
  • Additional Base System functionality for building your own gamemodes.

You can find the documentation
here: http://visgm.wikidot.com/
and support
here: Visualistic Developement Zone

Check it out on the Marketplace here