[RELEASED] VectorayGen Vector Field Generator - Middleware

Hello fellow UE4 Devs!

My name is Nick Seavert and I have been using UE4 since it’s release. I’m a VFX Artist at heart and I know that VFX Artists are plagued with long wait times. So I started a software company called JangaFX to create useful software and tools for VFX Artists like myself.

We’re currently 2 years into development and have recently released version 1.03.

So what can VectorayGen do?

VectorayGen creates vector fields in real time in a matter of seconds, NOT hours. No more waiting for fluid simulations or drawing a ton of splines to get randomized vector fields.

It also allows you to use vector math principles to create any vector field you can think of. The combinations are practically infinite.

List of current features:

  • 3D Viewport With GPU Particles (up to 4 million) and Vector Field Visualization Support
  • Intuitive Node based editor
  • Generation support of vector densities over 10 million! (10 million vectors per vector field, huge files).
  • A plethora of math operators such as Fade, Rotation, Cross Product, Translation, Randomize, Noise & More!
  • Generate Flows around imported geometry
  • Real-Time Vector Field Updates as You Change Vector Field Settings
    • Plenty More!

UI Overview:

Some videos of vector fields in action:

Latest Tutorial:

Currently, the main engine supported is Unreal Engine 4 + any internal engines at studios that can use .fga vector field files.

We will also be releasing a plugin in the future that extends the amount of control you have over vector fields inside of UE4: “soon”.

If you wanna purchase VectorayGen, go here! Purchase!

If you want to try VectorayGen for 14 days Try it!

Lastly, we have an active discord going for our community and tools, feel free to join! We have over 120 experienced artists and designers so far.

Discord Community


Love the tool, really helpful! Just wondering - is there a one-time stand-alone licence as opposed to a monthly subscription (or is there one planned)?

Best regards,
Damir H.


We do have a one time license option now!


Can we import particle data from csv file?


What kind of data are you wanting to import? If you have a specific requests or technical needs. Let us know :slight_smile:

Just popping in to show off something I created with vector fields generated by VectorayGen. All particle movement is dictated by a combination of local and global vector fields!

Just dropping back in, we’ve now released a one time buy for Indie Licenses, where support & updates are included for a year! One time purchases will most likely happen for larger studios that make over $100k annually but not yet.

Thanks for your support :slight_smile:

I like this.


Good to see that you’re having fun with it!

Created a blizzard scene in UE4. All the snow and snow dust/smoke is affected by vector fields generated with VectorayGen! The fire particle in the background is actually using vector fields for all of its motion as well, though it’s not very visible.

Do you intend to release this on OSX?

An OSX release may come in the future. We currently are stuck on windows due to needing windows server stuff to validate license keys. We’re working on expanding functionality and ease of use, so maybe later this year we can finally make it cross platform. Because we use Vulkan, we’re already pretty close. I can’t promise any thing though.

If it happens, it would be great. The options for creating these seem to be limited unless you want to invest in significant other applications. My current project is taking me into learning Houdini, which is frustrating because I’m only using such a specific portion of it.

@Jangalomph I finally downloaded the software on my PC and I’m impressed, but I don’t understand most of the controls. Maybe you could provide some basic templates to learn from? For instance, I’m hoping to make a spherical field where the two z extremities pull the vectors up/down into a point, likle a double sided teardrop. Can you provide basics or templates on the operators and how to make basic shapes like a sphere, cube, torus, etc?

We’ve been hard at work to get this out of beta. We’ve got some stellar new features that make it significantly easier to actually understand whats going on within your vector fields. I answered @Skifree in our discord server, but we’ve basically implemented everything he’s asked for above, minus OSX.

  • Properly docking UI (no more floating windows).
  • UI Scaling options.
  • Double click to preview the node and click once to edit a node.
  • Combine as many fields together as you want with different selection and interpolation methods.
  • Significantly improved workflow.
  • New Presets
  • New Documentation & Video tutorials for each node

This stuff should be out December 31st and within a week or two after that we’ll have another patch ready to roll out.

We’ve updated the software to version 1.0!

Hey Guys! We’ve released version 1.01!
Still a ton of work ahead for us, but some interesting things are coming up!

Version 1.01

*Bug Fixes
Fixed crash when pasting your license key into the validator.
Fixed crash when pasting things that aren’t node script into the node graph.
Fixed crash when clearing all nodes, that cleared the nodes alright.
Fixed crash when increasing the node density.
Fixed crash when closing tabs. We have a menu that lets you do this now!
Fixed bug where if you tried to spawn a node, but your cursor was highlighting another through the menu, the new node wouldn’t spawn.
Fixed bug where deleting a node would cause you to accidentally delete the wrong one by hovering over it when clicking the delete button.

*Features added
Top Menu & UI:
WE ADDED A NEW FONT AND MADE IT BIGGER. NO MORE EYE STRAIN! ahem… hopefully this new font won’t strain your eyes.
New View Menu Options: You are now able to show and hide tabs at your leisure! Hurray for customizability!
Help & Tutorials Menu Option: Now takes you to the proper tutorials.
Updated Troubleshooting Menu Option.
Cleaned up various tabs to make them more organized.
Added 'animate" option to the interpolation node. This lets you animate the interpolation value through a cosine wave. Currently you can’t export animated vector fields.

Added vector field bounding box scaling options. Along with the reference units, you can scale the bounding box to any length you’d like. If you want to override any values, just CTRL + LMB in any input box.
Added vector field reference units. By default UE4 and Unity both use the 256 option. Even if you select “1 meter” this is still extremely small, 1cm by 1cm by 1cm in ue4,since game engines can’t distinguish between bounding box size default units.
Added a spawn origin option so you can change the origin where your particles spawn!
Added an option to change the particle count (0 to 100,000). Not overridable yet.

*Node Graph:
Delete key on your keyboard now deletes nodes and node connections!
You can now right click connections and click the delete option.

Version 1.02 was released a few days ago!

Some notable improvements include:
-New selection visualizations
-Revamped particle spawn/coloring methods to imiate the tools you’d use in a game engines environment
-Fixed a memory leak
-Cleaned up the UI a bit

We have a change list far too long to post, but you can give it a read on our website!

Back again with another update! This time it’s huge!

*Project Saving is in (saves nodes, particle settings, bounding box etc).
*You can now save custom node presets.
*Newly Improved Viewport
*New Visual Indicators for various nodes where you can see where point fades start or end. Visualize rotation axis’ etc.

  • more you can read over on our website. Plenty of gifs and screenshots as well.

VectorayGen 1.03 was recently released and with it came the ability to import a mesh and generate airflow around that mesh.

Latest Tutorial:

We will be releasing 1.03.1 within the next day or two which will update the software to our latest UI.

If you haven’t given VectorayGen a try yet, go do it!