[RELEASED] Tps cover system with linetraces Multiplayer support!

Third person cover system with linetraces (no boxes needed to use)

I’m glad to show my small project is about how the cover system looks and works at different places/situtations!
See details below!

Preview video:

Marketplace link…player-support


-taking cover near distance only

-taking cover only the enough wide wall (it checks how wide the wall is, must be wider the capsule)

-following the wall direction (in 90 or more degree as well)

-recognize the cover height (crouch or stand cover),if its to low goes to crouch position

-it wont take cover if the object is lower then the crouching character

-detecting the end of the cover (stopping there)

-aiming/firing up (animation and variables) at crouch (low height) cover

-replicated for multiplayer

-the cover system uses only linetraces , so you can get cover at any objects what block “visible” channel (the traces uses it to hit the objects)

-taking off cover by pressing space or S button,getting back the running animation and speed

Number of blueprints:

1 animation bp,1 character bp,22 animations,1 map,

Feel free to ask information!!