[RELEASED] Sword Fighting Ultimate SFX

Hello everyone,

We have just released a new pack on Unreal engine Marketplace!

Sword Fighting Ultimate SFX

The Sword fighting Ultimate sound effects pack features 54 high quality SFX:

Sword hit sword, sword hits flesh, blunt weapons hit flesh, shield bash and more. A must have for any game featuring medieval style melee combats!

You can hear a demo with a background music behind:

Sounds list:

  • Sword hits other sword x5
  • Sword hits flesh x4
  • Sword hit shield x3
  • Weapon hits wooden shield x3
  • Blunt weapon hits flesh x5
  • Sword slash flesh and bones x4
  • Destroy flesh x5
  • Destroy wooden shield x3
  • Shield bash x3
  • Running with armor X4 (loop)
  • Walking with armor x1 (loop)
  • Battle Roar x14

Here is the link to the pack:…g-ultimate-sfx
The pack is also available en Gumroad for 13.90$ only: **

You can check all our packs here: IndieGameModels page on UE Marketplace**