[RELEASED] [SUPPORT] Automatic Landscape Material Kit

Hi guys!
Automatic Landscape Material Kit has been RELEASED on UE4 Marketplace!



  • Real-time automatic painting
  • Additional paintable layers
  • Optimized and easy to use
  • Use your own textures in the Material Instance
  • Color noise fully customizable
  • Camera distance tiling avoids tiling repetition
  • Triplanar mapping eliminates the texture stretching over steep areas
  • Camera-based tessellation and displacement for each layer
  • Layers are blended by normals to create a believable blending among layers
  • Auto-Foliage and eraser
  • 3 PRESETS included


I got some email about this, so I’m working on the followings:

  • Backward compatibility starting from 4.20 and on
  • Landscape Auto Material Kit will also be available for macOS users


4.20, 4.21 are both supported for Mac and Windows.

I’m also adding other features to the package, so stay tuned for the next update!

Hi Redot3D! Fantastic work, I have been using it and I love it. Great value for money! I’m a complete noob and I thought I would kick off some discussion with a couple things:

  1. Could we get height based materials? Snow over a certain height, ocean floor under sea level,etc?

  2. One thing I noticed with the materials in each layer was that I needed to put the roughness values up above 2.5 to stop the sun reflecting off of it so heavily. Just a tip for other users.

  3. When in the paint tool, what is the difference between Layer_1,2,3, and Layer_4_no_auto(and 5 and 6) ?



  1. I’m gonna ship the height-based feature in the next update. Many users asked for that, so I decided to expand the capabilities of the package in this direction.
    A new videotutorial will follow for this feature.
  2. Yes, that is the roughness multipliera and should be readed in the opposite direction. 0 is pure reflection, 1 or above is not. Anyway, in the next update I’m going to improve the control of the roughness.
  3. (but you wrote 4). Layer_1,2,3 are encoded in the Auto Material. Layer_4/5_No_Auto are not part of it. Despite this, every layer has exactly the same structure. If you don’t use the automaterial in that case all the 5 layers are behaving the same way.

Hope this help!
Stay tuned for the upcoming update!

In your signature the youtube channel link shows as “this channel does not exist”

Thank you! Don’t know what happend, but I just fixed it.

Hello. Nice product. I’ve run into an issue though. I’d like to be able to use the Alpha channel of the base color for the Tess Map. Any way to do this? I been tinkering with a dup of the material but using texture samples into your world displacement input doesn’t work at all.

How do we use autofoliage? I went into the landscape master and clicked on grass and added a landscape grass type (one i have from another pack) but im not sure how to see these grass meshes on the landscape…

Actually i found it, in the blueprint the default is off so i turned it on…but embarrasingly i cant actually find where the parameter is in the editor window!

And now i just found it haha. i will delete these posts

Hi there!
I assume you are using your own texture, so you have to verify first if your basecolor has the alpha channel. Usually basecolor doesn’t need alpha channel and doesn’t have it.
I always use the RED channel for roughness, AO and displacement, so you may want to change the function MF_Displacement dragging the alpha wire instead of red.
Anyway, I strongly advise you against this if you have to perform more test, becauase you could change again the source code.
The easy way is to use the Material as is and put into displacement your black and white texture for displacement so you can benefit from RGB channels, without alpha.
Hope that helps!

It’s not that it’s my own custom texture, but a texture from the marketplace. I understand why you used the red channel because in a lot of cases the red channel isn’t used very much in comparison to the other channels.

Yeah. I just ended up making duplicates of your MF’s and appended _Alpha to them and then swapped all the layers in a duplicate of the master material to use that. So now I have one that uses Alpha and your default one.

I’m kind of curious why you wouldn’t make it so that we could just select channels ourselves. I’d do it myself but it’s a bit of work. That’s why I buy these products HAHA. I could see that it may be possible with your setup with a bit of work involved using some switches.

Thanks for your feedback. You can also send me a screenshoot to better clarify this feature.
It could be a good idea for next release.



Maybe look into

Switching channels. It’s probably not going to be doable / easy from a material function though. You may have to somehow manually set it up or change up how you are doing most stuff.

There is only one problem: the shader explosion. Those nodes are at compile time and they exponentially increase the number of shaders. With this new update I already reached 3 of them. A material with many of them applied to a landscape can be very frustrating during the dev time, since each time you press the check box you must wait for the recompiling. Definitively against the philosophy behind this package.
Anyway, if you want to craft your own version with this feature, I’m glad to help you, just email me.
Hope that helps!

No worries. It’s your asset. I made the request, it’s against your philosophy for it. I can respect that.

Appreciate the offer. I will probably be able to figure it out myself. I’ve done a lot of material work in the past. Would be a good exercise to get me back into the swing of things haha.

Brillian work on this, saw the reddit post a while back and saved it, just getting round to buy it and it looks to be such a breeze and joy to use!!

Thanks man!