[RELEASED] Slot-based Inventory System and Upcoming Series Voting

Inventory Release:
As some you might know i started a tutorial series some months ago showinng the process of creating a slot-based inventory system using blueprints.
Link: Complex, slot-based inventory system - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums
Yesterday i uploaded the last part of the series and for the ones that are too lazy to watch an entire series or that rather want to learn it by themselves i decided to upload the whole project including all of the features mentioned in the forum thread as well as some others that were added during the creation of the tutorial series:

Upcoming Series Voting:
Having completed my first tutorial series ever i realised that it was a lot of fun and because of that i will keep making videos for Unreal Engine 4. That said i decided to let my community vote for the topic of the next series offering 4 different options:

thx very much for this very good tutorial.
Offering the files for our use is very noble !
cant wait to see the next of your tutorials. as mentioned before i will vote for the dailogue system :wink:
please keep up the good work !!

I think it is just stupid to “force” people to watch the series in order to get the project. Thanks for the kind words ^^

I think the most useful to me would be the Turn Based system.

I like your tutorial technique and have been following along for a ways now.

Thank you currently Turn Based is in the lead ^^

where do i find the poll ?

in the video description of the announcement video. Or just take this link here: http://www.strawpoll.me/11619582

Thanks for your kind words, seems to be quite a close fight between quest and combat system^^

Here is another one of your subscribed. You’re doing a pretty good job. I already voted for the Turn-Based combat system. I really need a tutorial on something like that and yours seems to be the perfect one for that.
I really hope that option wins (even tho right now is behind teh quest system; but let’s be honest there’s already some quest systems around the net unlike a TBS ;D)

That is the reason why i personally would vote for the turn-based combat system. However quest systems are also really important and probably used in much more games than a TBS which is why it would help a lot of people no matter on which kind of project they are working on.

I really want the Turn-Based combat system like in Final Fantasy too. There is no anything like that on the marketplace or youtube unfortunately. I think it will also get more views because of that. :slight_smile:

Well most people voted for the quest system so we will do that first.