[RELEASED] Scene Fusion - Extensible Real-time multi-user level design that works remotely

Hi All,

Scene Fusion is now available via the Epic Marketplace!

It is a plugin that enables your environment artists to work from anywhere in the world together on environment design.

Right around when Epic started working on Multiedit, we started working on Scene Fusion. Our goals were different: Epic sought to create a tool that ships within Unreal Engine, we sought to create a tool that works remotely and as a plugin, which allows developers to bring Scene Fusion functionality to other applications. For example, you can embed Scene Fusion into a game client, and use Unreal Editor to make level adjustments live for play testers, or to get the attention of a streamer. Scene Fusion also tolerate project differences, and provides functionality to identify how your project state is different from the rest of your team.


  • Fully syncs every change made to a map file, which include adding and removing actors, meshes, brushes, landscapes, and components.
  • Syncs all public properties in real-time.
  • Sync changes to geometry brushes and landscapes in real-time
  • Automatic remote replication enables global access to collaboration for your entire team. There are no technical limits to the number of people that can be working together simultaneously.
  • Works with existing source control and existing workflows.
  • Lock-on-select with object highlighting allows you to see which objects have been selected by which teammates. Prevents modification by anyone other than the person who has the object selected.
  • Brush sharing makes your brushes visible during landscape editing.
  • Sub-level/level streaming editing is fully supported.
  • Stand-ins are provided for assets you haven’t yet synced from source control.
  • Camera sharing functions, such as go-to and follow, allow you to have your team see what you are seeing.
  • Automatically and seamlessly works with VR editing.
  • C++ plugin and the Scene Fusion core library can be embedded in other applications, allowing those applications to take part in the Scene Fusion session.



Scene Fusion speeds up level design work by a factor of 2-3x. It makes level design much more interactive and fun, which improves the quality of life for environment designers. It allows you to iterate instantly, faster and more effective training, and is an effective tool for supervising work.

Free and Paid Plans

Scene Fusion can be used for free for 2 users on maps that contain 2000 actors or less, without support for high-bandwidth features like landscape and brush geometry syncing.

Paid tiers have no limits, and cost $25 USD per user, per month - a $50 USD minimum monthly cost for 2 users.

LAN systems are available and licensed separately.