[RELEASED] - Rusty Electrical Switchboards (Support and reqest)

hello I have relaced a pack on the marketplace Rusty Electrical Switchboards,

The Rusty Electrical switchboards comes with a large modular switchboard complied with doors and Panels that can be changed in and out to give a large variation on the switchboard, there enough variations in the panels and doors to multiple switchboards side buy side, there is also a few small switchboard to match, all the doors are a different mesh and the origin point is at the hinge so the can be easy program to open and close.

there is also a cable tray set and circuit switches set, the pack is modular in design and most assets can be can in and out to suite your needs, more info on the market place page

I will be adding a aircon duct set to the pack soon, I am just currently updated my other pack once this is done I will work on finishing it, if there is anything you would like added to the pack that you need let mw know and I can see what I can do.