[Released] Racetrack Construction Kit

This product gives you a huge amount of assets and tools to create your own racetrack environment.

To buy: Race Track Construction Kit in Environments - UE Marketplace

After purchase, you will get a demo scene that showcases how these assets and the custom spline blueprint are used for creating a game-ready racetrack environment.

Technical Details


  • Custom spline blueprint to easily make roads and barriers.
  • Landscape deformation option in blueprint
  • Real-world scale 3D models
  • Landscape material with special parameters, which helps to break the repetition of texture when the camera gets too far
  • Possibility to add tire skid marks and wearing on the road with vertex painting (Red and Green channels)
  • Material parameters to change the colors of curbs, tribune seats, barriers etc.


  • 63 RaceTrack Props
  • 49 Tribune Modules
  • 41 PitStop Building Modules
  • 92 Road and Border Meshes
  • 5 Foliage
  • 1 Flag Skeletal Mesh with cloth physics (There are 7 flag material instances with different countries)


  • Most of them are custom created and optimized collisions. The road meshes use complex collisions in order to make the driving experience as smooth as possible.


  • Custom and Auto-Generated LODs


  • 6 Master Materials
  • 74 Material Instances
  • 17 Material Functions


  • 151 Textures
  • UE4 Packed Textures (BC, N, ORM)
  • 512x512, 1024x1024, 2048x2048, 4096x4096

Showcase Video
Walkthrough Test

Hey, this looks great. When I look at the marketplace it says not for sale. Is this coming back?

Hey thanks for the reply. Currently, there are some issues with copyrights. I hope it will come back by the next week.
I will announce that in this thread.

“Racetrack Construction Kit” has returned :partying_face:
You can buy it here: Race Track Construction Kit in Environments - UE Marketplace