[RELEASED] Prototype Spaceship

Prototype Spaceship Player Pawn to help start your own Space project.

Linear newtonian flight: the ship will keep going after any force. Not physically accurate, but for realism/gameplay tradeoff, think Asteroids in 3D. Easy setup of multiple turrets and multiple engine particle systems, basic events for common functions like pawn possession, targeting, health and repair. The ship mesh, id-map based material, box prop and particle systems are included Features:

  • Extensible Actor Pawn with easy multiple turret setup and multiple engine particle systems
  • Linear Newtonian flight for Zero Gravity environments using UE4’s physics system. 0.01 linear damping
  • Autopilot function for point and click movement
  • Several skeleton events to start building functionality faster: pawn possession, targeting, auto-turret, health, repair
  • Turret Blueprint can be edited to create more types of turret with different stats: damage, tracking speed, etc
  • Debug functions that shows forces, autopilot and reticle
  • Ship Mesh 20k tris and a box prop
  • Dynamic Material Instance: 1 texture ID-Map based Material. RGBA: Structure, Armor, Module, Emissive
  • Engine and Turret Tracer Projectile Particle Systems

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