[RELEASED] Pro Networked Mounting System for UE4

Hello Game Builders,

This plugin is designed to handle the mounting / entering of “mounts” and vehicles in your game. Allows you to take control of a Mount or Vehicle while also attaching your character to said mount or vehicle and easily switch between the two, but most importantly it is completely Online ready.


  • Possess and ride any mount or vehicle with your character attached
  • Sits character on mount or object
  • Change seats in a vehicle or mount while riding them
  • Take Control of the vehicle or ride along as a passenger be it player controlled, AI controlled, on rails, or just a chair.
  • Customizable seating Configuration and attachment points for each vehicle or mount in your game
  • Customizable options for mounting, dismounting, and seat changing for each mount or vehicle
  • Self contained and system agnostic for easy integration into your own game
  • Full support for custom animations and characters
  • Flexible setup with Interface and Component Design
  • Full support for mounting other players
  • Fully Blueprint Supported and C++ Extendable
  • 100% Network Ready

Additional Info
More Info can be found as at my website Asadeus Studios
The website also has links to the example projects for download and video tutorials on how to setup and use the Mounting system plugin.

You can get the plugin at the UE4 Marketplace

See the Demo Video

More detailed documentation can be found on the online documents available through the plugin’s documentation link.
Link to my Discord Server for direct questions can be found in the online documentation as well.

For general questions about the plugin you can contact me via Email at [EMAIL=“”] or using the Support Form on the website

Fully supported for Unreal Engine version 4.22 to 4.24. Current Version is now 1.3. See the release notes for more details on the most recent release!

Update for Pro Mounting System version 1.4 for Unreal Engine 4. This release brings one of the last planned features, Seat Changing support. In addition it also includes a few new functions and additional helpers. All the demo projects now include a basic mounting demonstration for Animals, A vehicle example using the buggy, and a demo on mounting other players. Finally, the demos are a bit more complete demonstrating the ways you can customize the interactions. I have added a more advanced demonstration of how you can specify animations for each mount using data assets and interfaces which provides a more complete demonstration of the animation options.

For details see the release notes: Release Notes

Update for Pro Mounting System 1.4.1 for Unreal Engine 4. Minor improvement added functions to allow for easy reset of the Components to a non-mounted state allowing you to easily bypass the usual mount/dismount checks. This is handy for events where the player is “ejected” or “respawned” while mounted to allow remounting. While these some of features existed prior this update there where several functions that needed to be called to clear out old mounting data before the player is destroyed or removed.

One added feature was the ability to reset the actual Rider Component to a non mounted state. Previously destroying the pawn would handle this but in cases where the pawn is not destroyed (such as ejecting the pawn from the seat) a method to clear the mounted state of the pawn itself did not exist. While Resetting the Controller and Mount where possible.

For details see the 1.4.1 Release Notes

Released Pro Networked Mounting System version 1.5 for Unreal Engine 4.23 and 4.24. This will be one of the last updates to the 4.23 and 4.24 versions of the plugin baring bug fixes. This version includes a new feature of “Linked Actors” which are possess-able sub pawns that integrate into the seating system a larger mount. Basically Turrets. The downloadable demo project also includes a Turret Example for how to set them up.

For details see the 1.5 Release Notes

Update for Pro Mounting System version 2.0 for Unreal Engine 4.25. This release brings more improved streamlining of the over all system and a few quality of life enhancements. It also provides full support for Actor based Mounts and Pawn based Riders. It also includes improved signaling for mounting and dismounting actions and status codes if they have.

Also released version 1.5.1 for Unreal Engine 4.23 and 4.24. This update gives improved logging for errors that may occur during mounting and dismounting.

For details see 2.0 Release Notes

Update for Pro Networked Mounting System version 1.6 and 2.1 for UE 4.23 - 4.25. Update is geared to bring more control over the mounting system through configuration variables to allow you to control when Seat Attachment, Detachment, Mount Possession, and Character Possession. These options are also geared toward improving support for Root Motion Animations in Single Player games.

For Details see:
1.6 Release Notes for UE 4.23 and UE 4.24
2.1 Release Notes for UE 4.25

PNMS Update 8

Minor release to the Pro Networked Mounting System which upgrades the plugin to UE 4.26. It also fixes a bug in most previous engine versions introduced in the last update. For more Details See the Update 8 at Asadeus Studios

I am having lot of issues with this asset. is there a discord or some kind of easy to access support other than via email waiting for 2 days for a response ?

PNMS Update 9
Improved support for Net Relevancy for Large World Games and New Animation Notifies to improve animation support.

See the Details at: Asadeus Studios PNMS Release 20210501

May I ask if this integrates with the Malbers Horse Animset?

Hi Kushidep, the plugin does not care about what your mount is, so it should work fine with what ever mount you want to put it on.

There are animation concerns for the players character itself if you want to use animations to mount and dismount which I go over in the documentation, but animations for the mount itself should not be a problem.

New Update Release 9
Adds a new feature to allow direct mounting to a specific seat through your UI. It also comes with a few new interface functions for starting the mounting, dismounting, and seat changing process. Finally new supporting functions on the controller component allow you to use new built in Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) functions to automatically call up to the server to start a mounting operation.

For Details see: Release 9