[RELEASED] Post Apocalyptic Desert

Now available on Market Place:…alyptic-desert

Post apocalyptic desert environment with large amount of props and a drive able vehicle. This project comes with different sets of foliage assets, materials that have useful features like adaptive landscape tessellation, interactive foliage, and dirt blending. Project is optimized to use dynamic lighting.
Technical Details


  • Over 100+ model assets
  • Spline assets for roads, light poles, fences
  • Drive able car based on the Advanced Vehicle Blueprint
  • Master materials for foliage, building, prop, terrain
  • 3 layer terrain material with adaptive tessellation, distance based blending and triplanar mapping
  • Assets built with AAA quality
  • Building have rigged doors and interior
  • Large amount of different props and foliage assets
  • Procedural foliage and rock spawning
  • Built in colliders for assets
  • LODs for models
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Included desert scene with abandoned diner and roads

Texture Sizes:

  • 2K (53)
  • 1K (104)
  • 512 (31)

Collision: Yes (Auto generated)
LODs: Yes (Auto generated)
Number of Meshes: 105
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 87
Number of Textures: 189
Supported Development Platforms: Windows
Supported Target Build Platforms: Everything except mobile

Here are some of the shots:

More shots can be found here: