[RELEASED] PoseCam and our Unreal LiveLink plugin

We are pleased to announce the formal release of our iOS app for realtime and in-game full body motion capture, based on our proprietary pose estimation AI engine. This is now available on the iOS App Store, and we have taken the Marketplace release of our free companion Unreal LiveLink plugin out of beta as well.

YouTube demo

PoseCam provides full body animation streams from the phone to a desktop, server or console running Unreal. In addition to LiveLink functionality, our framework adds gameplay Events for basic actions like stepping and arm gestures. The plugin can be used by Creators to record their own animations using Unreal’s Take Recorder.

To get started check out our basic and advanced demo projects (links on our marketplace page).

We would like to thank all the developers who provided feedback and testing over the last 6 months. The app has a free trial period and a low subscription price. Learn more on the Marketplace page or follow the links on our website .